Pastor Barry Photo

The Pastor of Hilltop Baptist Church is a man called of God to preach the Gospel. He started our church in 2000 with the first service held on Labor Day weekend. Being the youngest of a family of ten children, he remembered his Mother reading her Bible and afterwards closing her eyes. He wondered if she was praying for him. Our Pastor will tell you that growing up in church; he made a profession of being saved at a young age. However, at the age of thirty three, he saw the love of God portrayed in an Easter play and surrendered his life to God’s service, and God has used him to bring people to Christ every since that day.

He drove a church bus for many years and many miles, bringing children to church. God gave him fruit for his labors and souls were saved for God’s glory. God called him to preach, giving him more souls. He began a ministry in a youth church, growing even more in the grace and knowledge of the Lord. As he grew, God had other things for him to do. Going to college at night, twice a week, for many years, he has earned his Doctoral Degree in Biblical Studies with the highest honors.

God has given our Pastor opportunities to travel to the mission fields. He has been to Africa, Mexico, and to the Bahamas Islands. However, God has placed him here at Hilltop Baptist Church as his own mission field. He is leading and guiding the church as an under-shepherd of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is supported by the Church members, along with his loving wife, which gives 100% support. God has blessed them with two sons. They and their families are being used of God in various ministries of the church.

As you enjoy our website, we ask that you always pray for God’s blessings on our Church and our Pastor.